Boomerang Doc

Preventing Document Redistribution

BoomerangDoc lets you share files that cannot be copied.

You can send a document and take it back at any time without the risk of copying, including screenshots.

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Prevent Copying

Prevent screenshots, redistribution, copying, saving and printing.

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Take a document back (unshare it) whenever you want. Just Boomerang It.

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Why BoomerangDoc?

BoomerangDoc allows you to share files that cannot be saved or redistributed. With BoomerangDoc you know that only the intended recipient can see the file so there is no risk it will be leaked. It’s a free and easy to use app!

Main features include:

  • Share a file for a pre-defined period of time
  • Prevent the receiver from copying it
  • Get back a shared document, just boomerang it
  • Remotely erase all your BoomerangDoc’s from your mobile device
  • View a log of all file activity (audit trial)
  • Block files from being viewed in certain countries